Policy & Info

BANSHEE YUME™ (pronounced. ban-she yu-mei) is an artistic alias by Chance Gayles used to create illustrations, & bold / eye-catching / existential streetwear prints for clothing using ideas from American, & Japanese culture.

This is not a brand in a traditional sense.


a. Time

Please allow up to 2 weeks (United States) from the order date for products to arrive to you. In most cases it arrives earlier than that. If your package passes the 2 week (United States) mark please email me to inquire about it. 

b. Packages

If you are ordering apparel and accessories these will come in separate shipments. If you receive one without the other this is normal. Please wait for the rest of your order to arrive shortly after.

Return Policy

All sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded. Please ensure that you choose the correct desired garment, and size before check out. Remember, check, double-check, triple-check. Thank you. 

Privacy Policy

BANSHEE YUME™ will never use your information to commit malpractice. Any credit card information is non-viewable and is directly sent via Paypal's® services. Address information is only viewable by me and my fulfiller to send your products straight to you. No information is stored or sold (you're safe with us). 

Tax information 


due to to tax updates , taxes may be applied on a by location basis starting 3.1.19.