Lockboy - Chain Necklace

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Lockboy - Chain Necklace

*US only release*
note: if outside of the US, please be prepared to pay tariffs/customs if applicable

My spin on a staple accessory of grunge fashion that has made its way into the Korean high-end fashion/ streetwear scene. Handmade and assembled chain necklace featuring a hand-etched padlock design based on BANSHEEYUME™ lore.

Within BANSHEEYUME™ lore, Lockboy chains are sentient necklaces used to limit the power of dreamers in the Banshee Yume with the potential to interfere with the plans of Clairvoyance and those controlling her. When temporarily unlocked, those with the ability to lucid dream (Such as Banshee Boy) are able to more freely manipulate the fabrics of the Banshee Yume dimension.

18 inches of 8.8mm stainless steel used for each chain
30 mm brass padlock
Assorted silver jump ring sizes for assembly