About Me:

Chance Gayles is a 22 year old digital-graphic artist based in the eastern United States whose works focus mainly on hand-drawn, fashion-oriented digital art, manga (Japanese-style comics), and streetwear graphics. As a fresh grad who studied Interactive Media and Japanese at The College of New Jersey and Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan, He hopes to break into the fashion and art scenes through manga and low quantity streetwear pieces and merch.


Bansheeyume Is a multimedia narrative experience created by Chance Gayles that aims to tell the story of Bansheeyume through the use of streetwear fashion, digital art & manga. All graphics will be created through digital means and will have an accompanying online store to sell related streetwear merchandise. The goal of the project is to bring a fresh spin to streetwear fashion by creating a narrative-driven project that can be experienced through fashion and Manga. 

The project hopes to have you tuned in to bansheeyume.com to experience the BANSHEEYUME manga, and latest streetwear drops in the coming months. 


Plot Summary:

Pulled into an artificially created, dream-like reality during its infancy, Deva has his soul altered by a god-like banshee named Clairvoyance who reveals to him that she is the epicenter of this pseudo world that lies within the 404th dimension (colloquially known as the Banshee Yume). 

At its epicenter, the culturally rich and sprawling city of Yume-Shibuya, where art, fashion, and Dream Energy rule society. Deva must fight his way through the vast and fragmented scapes of this new reality to restore his original soul once again in order to wake. 

However, things are never that simple as the realization of the Banshee Yume’s true purpose forces Deva into a war of ideologies that will determine the next pivotal step in relations among humanity, and test if he is truly willing to leave behind the real world in order to do what he sees as right.

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